It’s you who makes your customer service perfect. We only provide a toolkit for you to do it more efficiently.

Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor

Built-in visual editor is similar to the most popular word processing software, that’s why it doesn’t take much efforts for users to create and edit articles right from the start.

Content management and versioning

The platform allows to publish content for external users and have internal copy for editing. It helps to protect public version from unauthorized editing and still have even junior employees contributing to the article evolution.

Importing existing documents

To reduce time required for building initial core of the knowledge base simply import your existing documents in Word, PDF and text formats.

Exporting articles to various formats

When it is necessary to send an internal article to few external users you may export the article to PDF, Word and HTML and send it via

Human-friendly omnisearch

Search engine performs human-friendly search through articles, file attachments and even users to provide the document or a contact of a person who might have an answer to the question.

Categorization and tags

Categories and tags make it easy to find the necessary information when browsing through the portal.


Glossary helps to keep terminology consistent across all the articles. In turn, it allows users to discover and fix their knowledge gaps while reading a series of articles.


Use social mechanics to help millennial employees to absorb information in the way they used to. Keep track of favorite topics, articles and authors like in a social network. 


Badges and achievements make it easier and more engaging for employees to dive into knowledge management process. Set up your own set of badges to better motivate your users.


Feedback help to evaluate and constantly raise the quality of the content and may be an objective KPI for the knowledge management team.

Statistics and reporting

Statistics module provides a comprehensive report for all key parameters of the knowledge management process, covering global, individual and team metrics.Use search analysis report to identify and eliminate the knowledge gap of your employees and customers. 


Dashboard serves as the starting point for daily routines of every user. Role-based dashbord provides the list of events and actionable widgets to prioritize and put tasks in work.

Position and role-based permissions

Unlike most systems, Acknow allows you to bind privileges and permissions to a specific position. Manage your team according to their actual job functions and titles.

Messaging and collaboration

Built-in messenger makes collaborative editing easier even for geographically distributed teams.Less experienced employees can learn from their senior colleagues while authoring an article without leaving the platform.

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